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4 Tender Souls - Reed, Stacie, Payton & Camden

Reed... grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and is the 3rd oldest of eight children; the oldest of 5 boys. Reed grew up being very active and loved playing sports. He played Basketball, Baseball, track & field and soccer; which he played the last few years of his high school years for Pleasant Grove high school. Reed also joined a junior ballroom dance team after his older sister asked him to help with her dance coach's team. He began to compete up to a national level and was awarded a scholarship to Brigham Young University. He completed a semester of school before leaving to serve a 2 year mission in Sydney Australia for the LDS church. After he returned home he met Stacie and they were married on October 2001.  Reed graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He started working in the operating room at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo Utah in 2002 & he is currently the Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehab where he has taken care of patients with heart disease for the last 10 years.

Stacie... grew up in Orem/Lindon , Utah, and is the oldest of five children, she has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  She loves to dance, play in the water, and traveling with her family.  She has been going down to Lake Powell and to Bear Lake since she was little and loves to salome ski and wake board.  She received her Certified Nursing Assistant during her senior year at Pleasant Grove High School and was lucky enough to get her dream job a month after she graduated working in Mother Baby at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.  She loved working there and was sad to have quit in 2005 when she was put on bed rest after becoming pregnant with their first son.  Now she loves being a stay at home “soccer” mom where she takes pride and joy in all their accomplishments.

Reed & Stacie... met in January of 2001 about a week after return home from a mission in Sydney Australia. Reed started working at Kneaders Bakery and as luck would have it Stacie had been working there for about a week.  We were a close group of friends there and often socialized outside of work playing games having dinner and what not. Having all that extra time together allowed for Stacie & Reed to get to know each other and in of March of 2001 Stacie asked Reed out on their first date. They were destined to be together, a match made in heaven, and they sealed the deal in October of 2001. They later added two amazing boys Payton & Camden to their family.

Payton... is eight, and is such a wonderful and amazing son.  He has a very tender and giving heart and is a great big brother! He loves school, playing with his friends, singing and dancing (he taught himself how to do the 'worm' at four years old), and all sports.  He is very athletic and has been playing soccer since he was three.  He plays for the Rangers soccer club and for the past year he has been on their U9 X-League teams; who are doing really well and are so much fun to watch!  When he was five and a half, he was so excited to finally become a big brother!  He and Camden are best buddies and Camden just idolizes him.


Camden... just turned three, and is the little light of our family.  It took us a long time to get him, but we are so grateful for his energy and cute little personality.  To say that he has energy is a big understatement, he definitely keeps us going.  He loves his big brother and always wants to be just like his “big bro Payt”.  He loves to sing and dance and is also very athletic.  He loves to be outside and playing all kinds of sports (it’s surprising that he is already really coordinated, he takes after his dad and Payton for sure).  He has a huge imagination and is always making us laugh.

Payton & Camden

During our 13 years of marriage, and as a family, we have had more than 25 surgeries, dozens upon dozens of procedures, multiple sicknesses, and infinite amounts of testing & endless doctor visits. We have had trials and hardships that are unique and some that many others face, such as car problems, financial problems and with schooling & work. 

But through it all we have been able to come out of each challenge stronger than ever. We have a strong & happy marriage with a unique bond that is not easily describable. We have two beautiful and amazing boys who make us so proud and happy. They have been our inspiration to keep going and we would do anything to see them happy. 

Our lives have been tried & tested but we have felt blessed and are very happy.  We have been truly humbled and awe struck to see the love and support our family & friends have not only shown for us but have proven to us in our time of need. There are not enough ways to say thank you for all that we have been given and shown throughout the years.  Our lives have been touched and made better because of the wonderful amazing people we have surrounding us. We know and realize God’s hand in all of it and see and feel of the many tender mercies that have changed us forever!

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  1. What a terrific family! So deserving of all the help they can get!!!